On the Island

I finally found some time to sit and go through our photos from our time on Hatteras Island. What memories we made this time around! We had the most thrilling adventures that were further magnified by the company of family and a true befriending of the ocean.

There is something wonderful about letting the waves scoop you up and move you around. The water is alive here, it's true. We found ourselves with accidental sunburns, terrified of ghost crabs that surprised us on a late-night walk, on a constant mission to find the most amazing shells any beach has ever provided us, the best sea salt hair us girls could ask for, visiting the lighthouse, surveying washed-up ship wreckage, and taking in the perfectly quiet and divine island-life for the week.

My sister and I took turns cooking up delicious dinners. Any one of us loved on the kids whenever it was needed (their trading swimsuits and borrowing sunscreen/drinks/snacks/buckets/shovels is a must!) We could not have asked for better company, I swear it.

I went on a long walk alone and travelled what seemed like the length of the beach. The loveliest woman stopped me and asked if I was a photographer. I ended up photographing this tremendously sweet family of around thirty (with multiple babes and three-year-old triplets, to boot!) and we made ourselves some new friends in the process! As if that treasure wasn't enough, we stopped in the best coffee spot and ran into an old friend–Katie and her fella, Matt. We've known each other going on ten years and had yet to meet! So many good things in one trip! Really, really.

We're back home, still digging through our collection of shells, spilling bits of sand from them, and reminiscing about all the goodness.

Until next time!


  1. simply gorgeous! id love to know what you use to edit photos!

    1. Hello, darling! I use Photoshop and Lightroom. I honestly don't edit much though. I try to take the photo to allow the utmost light in, without pixelating it. <3