The Sunshine State

We recently spent a week taking in some Floridian fresh air. I really wanted to bask in the time away from life's busyness, so I kept my camera safety nestled away at the resort and took in the fun type of busyness. It felt good to not have my hands full(er) and going without the one-eyed squint that comes with taking photos (you know the one).

I think Everyn had the time of his life swimming all day and enjoying the sites. Elspeth experienced her first Disney trip––even if halfway through a day at Magic Kingdom, we had a chocolate-covered (darn those delicious Mickey Mouse ice cream bars), sweaty, pants-less, pretty-pieved toddler who lost it each time she saw someone else's giant balloon (we learned that, yes, they are collapsable and worthy of a plane trip home and a refill later!) She won't remember the bus ride back to the resort––which resulted in the loss of a white shirt of mine––but I will have a great story to tell in years to come. Let's leave it at that!

Despite a beautiful time, there was so much to do that we all seemed pretty happy to be home––even Everyn. Although, Elspeth will be saying, "plane, boat, bus" in her sleep for at least a month to come.

It was a great "hurrah!" to welcome almost-summer. We're practically there, friends.


If you're going to be in Orlando anytime soon, here are my favorites there:

*'Ohana's for dinner. If this is how they eat in Hawaii, I'm on my way. Pineapple coconut bread, freshly grilled everything, bread pudding with banana caramel sauce. I don't even know . . .

*Magic Kingdom. Happy kids, happy parents. Go to parks as soon as they open. Less crowds and cooler weather makes this chocolate-covered mama pretty content.

*If you stay at a resort (we were at Wilderness Lodge), there are boat rides all day to and from different destinations. It's glorious and made going all around so enjoyable. All the boat rides, forever.

*Universal Studios. Going just to see The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is so worth it. Butterbeer and the fact that it looks just like the movies is pretty magical stuff. And, that's just the beginning.


  1. oh goodness i love your photos. tell such a sweet tale. a hooray for florida getaways.

  2. your photos - as always - are gorgeous. sounds like an incredible time! i look forward to taking our little ones on their first visit to disney some day. and yes! hurrah for summer's close arrival! :)

  3. hurray for summer on its way! gorgeous photos as always!