Snow day

It started snowing last night and continued through the morning. We woke up to a world of white a snow day. We covered in layers and trudged out bravely. Somehow, it's a treasure every time: snow-covered bushes, landscapes of gray, green, and white, and figuring out if the snow is wet and heavy or light and powdery.

In for the abhorred peeling off of the layers, we treated ourselves to hot chocolate and soup. Brother's back out already. Sister's napping... Daddy is working from home, next to me, rapping, "Man, it feels good to be a blogger" in the tune of Geto Boys' song. Humph.

Happy [snow] day, friends!


  1. there is nothing quite like a snow day to boost your spirits! beautiful photos! i wish i had your photography skills!

    1. I agree! It's so special--even if they have to make it up!
      You are so sweet. Funny, I adore your style as well, babe.