2 year old Elspeth

My girl, my girl. Two-years-old. I can't decide if I'm more shocked now than when you turned one or if I have grasped that we age, we grow, we change, and you have changed so little and so very much all at once.

Your squeal is infectious. You gasp every time you see something you love (and every time you open a gift––the holidays were a real treat) and your laugh is strong and powerful––all that adorable round belly.

You have the strength of a lion and the silliest, kindest heart to know. Everything you do is big and watching you grow is my gift––absolutely. 

I imagine you older, delighting many with that exploding smile and personality and removing obstacles as though they were feathers floating in the wind about you.

Thank you for teaching me determination and for making me laugh––guffaw in the best way. Thank you for reminding me to love with every fiber of my being, and that frosting truly is the best part of the cake. Truly.

Happy two, daughter,
blessing, friend.

Cake recipe from Add a Pinch.
Frosting recipe also from Add a Pinch (My adaption: adding one cup less sugar and two tablespoons pure maple syrup). 
Amazing video tutorial on how to create a naked cake from Superfine Bakery
(I added the pine as decoration and wrapped the the stem of the top sprig with tape to keep the cake itself clean).
Sean made the party hat, but you can find a great templet at Oh Happy Day
We made the balloon flowers without a template, but there is an adorable one at all things simple


  1. these photos!!! i adore. happy birthday, sweet girl!

    1. Thanks, Kirsten! Sending you lots of love!

  2. Wow, time really does go by so fast. She is a beautiful little lady, and what a wonderful cake!

    xox Lilly

    1. Thanks, Lilly! It really does... and, at the same time, it's taken quite a while to get here. So crazy!

  3. a beautiful way to celebrate a beautiful soul. happy birthday sweet elspeth!

  4. Happy Birthday! This post made me tear up a little with happy tears.

  5. Oh my gosh, she's adorable. Her little dress! I love this little post. Such sweetness.

  6. such a lovely party! I'm still in love with that beautiful cake you made! Happy bday to Elspeth :)