A boy's 11th

We celebrated my favorite little man's birthday over the weekend by taking him up to the farm and merrymaking with family and friends. He's eleven and thirty-five. He's crazy and sweet and shy and strong-willed. He's polite and giving and artistic and hilarious. My favorite thing is seeing how he has bits of Sean and I both in him. 

He's an awesome big brother and firmly believes in small doses of sugar throughout the entire day (sometimes with a side of vegetables) and sleeping in his jeans.

It's all Minecraft, Nerf guns, and drawing. You could have an all-out rave and, if the TV was on, he would never know you were ever there. 

He's smart as can be and has already offered me some of his birthday money.
I like this guy at 11.

Helpful links and tips: Farm and pavilion information here // spiderweb cupcakes inspired by seakettle // balloon banner inspired by Design Mom // pizza on a stick inspired by Breadin5 (I added garlic, oregano, and homemade marinara sauce and a Greek yogurt dough recipe from Recipe Girl), ghost cheese sticks: Everyn drew ghost faces on the wrappers // basket of snacks: simply fold down brown lunch bags, place them in a basket, and fill with snacks! // chocolate-drizzle caramel apples inspired by Brit + Co (although I used a fork to drizzle and it was a breeze) // I covered bottles of bubbles with washi tape // paper straws and mustaches-on-a-stick found at Hobby Lobby // balls from Target // we made the pumpkin piƱata inspired by Oh Happy Day // white pumpkins purchased from the orchard and painted with various acrylic paints (inexpensive acrylic paints are perfect and dry quickly) // tree swing DIY at A Beautiful Mess // brown polka dotted paper DIY at Squirrelly Minds // silver glitter numbers on a stick inspired by Ruffled Blog

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  1. ohmygoodness, amanda! you did all this for the party? it all looks so beautiful, you could be an event planner with those skills! looks to have been a wonderful celebration. happy birthday to your sweet little man! xo