The truth comes out

I recently made a highly exaggerated (and perhaps a tad mean) comment about someone recently. You know, the type that plays on your last nerve, whether they mean to or not. It was a simple and private joke to a friend and I could not resist. Truthfully, it was funny. This dear friend of mine replied (with a side of sarcasm) that I am usually so peace-loving...

She will later say that she was only kidding and that the comment was well deserved, but that is beside the point here. It made me think...

I love peace. I love love. I absolutely love my family and most people. I try to see the heart of people and I try to think about why they may be the way they are–whether negative, in which I treat them well and move on. Or, positive, in which I try to learn from their ways. I love big and I am a very loyal friend. I am constantly on the lookout to see where I can lift you up. All I really want to do is help others and never ask for thanks. I have a heart for the underdog. Always.

That said...

I am saucy. I am silly. I am frequently humorous and accentually judgmental. I will dish, but, I promise, I can take. I sometimes have to try very, very hard to stop talking so as not to offend those who don't know me well. I do not see this as a hardship of myself or of others. It simply is.

If I am not laughing, I am making you laugh (this is factual by observation. I don't make this stuff up). I tease and I joke and I am often heard remarking, "I'm just playing."  

My humor is dry. My humor is subtle and indirect. I love a (good) dirty joke and I can slapstick you into oblivion.
I'll take them all.

So, incase you are getting to know me through here, I wouldn't want to have you misinterpret the way things really are.

I promise:
I will give you my coat if you are without one.
I will offer you my last bite to eat if you are in need.
I will accept you the minute you want to accept me.
I will keep your secrets and stand your guard.
I will make you laugh, laugh with you, and, most of all, laugh at you if you are falling down the stairs...

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