Kind gestures

I had a nice early morning out and about. It is good for mamas (for anyone) to get out for a bit. It's a simple hour that I spend downtown and I thrift my heart out. It's a bit rushed, but it feels perfect to me. The day has yet to become hot, so I walk down the sidewalk with a chilly breeze meeting me. 

I live by the idea of planting seeds. I find that the smallest gestures of kindness can change an entire element. It works a bit like a domino effect and only stops when someone ceases to pass it on (you will never know when this happens, but that is not for you to worry about). And, it makes me feel good, quite honestly. 

I smile at everyone who passes: the Spanish-speaking woman with her children, the woman who is always talking to herself, the man who was so shocked by my kindness to the point where he just starred at me in disbelief. 

I say, "good morning," and often don't get a reply. I think this is because so many people don't expect it anymore. We are busy. We are awkward. We are shut in. 

Remember to smile–to say, "hello," to compliment the checkout clerk. Your kindness may reach a thousand miles away.

Happy day, friends. Friday, it is.

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  1. Love this! So true how much the little things mean a lot